Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Healthcare IT News Article: New Findings from Healthcare IT Study



A team of independent evaluators from The Center for Research in Family Medicine and Primary Care found that health information technology, such as EHRs, Web portals and chronic disease registries, can be implemented by a range of family practices, including small and rural practices.
  • Small, private practices were successful in implementing electronic health records.
  • Rural practices were able to successfully implement a range of health information technology, including EHRs, patient portals and disease registries.
  • While financial issues presented barriers, small practices needed assistance in making decisions about software capability and selecting an EHR and related technology.
  • Some practices needed assistance in implementing an EHR and integrating new work processes into the practice routine. Nearly all of the NDP practices reported that implementing the EHR was more complicated and time-consuming than they anticipated.

"Small and/or rural practices may be better positioned to adopt technology because they are usually very nimble and self-sufficient," the evaluators said. "Also, the adoption of technology has usually been their own decision, not thrust upon them, so it is viewed as a personal investment. Because the private practices do not have the support system of a large system, the adoption of technology is viewed almost as a survival skill."

AMDA White Paper: Improving Care Transitions from NF to Community

This is a good paper for our clients in Long-Term Care medicine:


  • Need for better care transitions
  • Barriers to effective transitions
  • Identifying/Communicating with Primary Care Physician (PCP)
  • Patient Follow-up Post-Transition
  • Medication Management
  • Barriers created by current reimbursement system

A short video of the Autonomy System:

New Developments: Autonomy 2.0!!!

We are happy to announce we are prepared to bring our clients into our new system: Autonomy 2.0. The all new Autonomy Medical web portal moves our data processing and storage into the Amazon Cloud. You can read more about the cloud here:


We believe this new system infrastructure makes our system even more scalable and able to meet the critical performance needs of our clients.


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